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Rocstor Lock and Register – Lock Management Platform

Rocstor’s Lock and Register cloud-based management platform provides all users, IT managers, and administrators the right solution to register their key or lock combination codes. Each user, IT Manager or administrator is provided an individual account for the registration process. Individual users can simply register the lock’s unique key number or their lock combination code. IT managers or administrators can also manage their organization’s key or lock combination registration in large scale deployment. Either by user’s single lock registration or large master key registration. The registration is easy, safe and it enables a simple process which safely records the combination codes and key numbers so users or IT managers can update user information, retrieve combination codes and request for key replacements.


• Register key or combination

• Master Key, Supervisor or management programs

• Assign lock location details

• Register locks for one user or in bulk for individuals or groups

• Secure with Dual Authentication Access


• Securely Access as an Individual user or Admin to view stored combination, key or master key codes

• Allocate all information about a specific lock or group of locks in specific location

• View details on key requests

• Order Key replacements